We work closely with our roaster community to collaberate on the coffees they are specifically seeking.  We roast and cup together to grade and evaluate new offerings, this allows us to bring in coffees that are relevant to our roasters while exploring great new discoveries together.  At ROOT 86, we work with you to find the greatest new coffees while also looking for value offerings to fit the economical challenges that face your business as a micro-roaster in Canada.  Please find our current offerings below and feel free to talk with us about coffees you are looking for.  Allow us to be your Canadian green coffee sourcing partner.

Updated Aug 19 2020
Copey finca CR.jpg
Natural proceso CR.jpg
COSTA RICA Micro Lot - Naranjo Villa Triunfo
Elevation: 1400M
Process: Natural Process
Dried: sun dried on raised beds 
Varietals: H1 Centroamericano (new hybrid)

Farm Name: Villa Triunfo

Location: West Valley, Naranjo

Bag size: 66 lb boxes

The objective of this program is renovating farms in order to improve the quality and productivity, investigate and use new techniques to increase quality year over year. 

Using new planting techniques, new varietals that can combat the Roja (Coffee Rust fungus) and other strong coffee plant diseases.  With the new H1 variental, Centroamericano we've seen improvements in yield, growth to maturity and cup quality improvements.

They are available in 66 lb boxes with vacuum sealed bags.

Natural: Strawberry shortcake, with creamy body, super sweet cup, fresh sweetbread notes and vanilla finish.  Truly and outstanding cup to experience.

This micro-lot is highly sought after with roasters that appreciate the elevated craft of farm development & processing that takes coffee to the next cup level.

This is one of those coffees you will remember years from now.

Available in Vancouver and soon in Montreal

V&G San Juanillo, Costa Rica
Tomas Gutierrez and Allan Vargas
Costa Rica V&G Estate Guillermo López
Costa Rica V&G Estate
testing sugar content
COSTA RICA West Valley V&G Estate 
Costa Rica, Alajuela, Naranjo, San Juanillo
Elevation: 1500M
Process: White honey & red honey
Dried: sun dried on raised beds at Herbazu
Varietals: H1 Centroamericano (new hybrid)

Farm Name: Finca V&G San Juanillo

Owner: Tomas Gutierrez and Allan Vargas

Farm Manager: Guillermo López

Processing Mill: Herbazu, Naranjo, Lordes

Bag size: 66 lb boxes

Finca V&G (Vargas and Gutierrez) San Juanillo is the brainchild of an agronomist (Tomas Gutierrez) and an industrial engineer (Allan Vargas), who shared a vision for this 4 hectare farm in San Juanillo, Naranjo when they bought it in 2007.    Map

The intial focus has been on experimentation with hybrid varieties that have been developed by CiCafe (coffee research institute of Costa Rica).  These hybrids look to take the best qualities from different varieties; improving cup quality, yield, and resistance to disease.  Link

We have two honey lots for the 2018/19 crop year: white and red honey.  They are available in 66 lb boxes with vacuum sealed bags.


White honey: Peach, pear, honey, jasmine. Viscous mouthfeel with a clean sweet finish.

Red honey: Apple, red grape, cherry. Velvety mouthfeel with a Cabernet finish.


We are so happy to have these excellent examples of new hybrids and careful processing back from the team at Finca V&G, in beautiful San Juanillo.

White Honey available in Vancouver - Fresh Crop

Red Honey  available in Montreal soon - Fresh Crop

Col Narino Lomo de Buey.jpg
Narino 02.jpg
FEATURED ESTATE MICRO-LOT                                          
Colombia Buesaco - Narino
Farm - Lomo de Buey
Elevation: 1800-2200M
Varietal: Caturra only
Fermented  28-36 hrs
Process: Washed & sun dried on raised beds for 16 days
Bag size: 35kg (77 lbs) half bags
Amount of bags : 20


This fresh Colombia Narino lot is a single varietal of Caturra only.

Orange and plum aroma, a beautiful bright acidity, creamy body, floral and tangerine notes.

Sold Out but next year crop is booked!!

San Adolfo Huila home.jpg
Col Huila San Adolfo.jpg
San Adolfo Huila.jpeg
FEATURED ESTATE MICRO-LOT                                          
Colombia Huila, Acevedo,
Finca: San Adolfo 
Elevation: 1650-1850M
Varietal: Caturra only
Fermented  32-48 hrs
Process: Washed & sun dried on raised beds for 16 days
Bag size: 35kg (77 lbs) half bags
Amount of bags : 20


This Colombia micro-lot comes from a 14 Hectare farm with meticulous care and processing

This lots cups with a sweet bright acidity, creamy body, with notes of peach and vanilla, cupping at 86.5 points


Mexico Santuario Project, Jesús Alberto Nolasco Herrera                                        
Farmer : Jesús Alberto Nolasco Herrera
Variety : H1 Centroamericano
Process : Natural
Region : Ixhuatlán, Mexico
Altitude (masl) : 1350m

Jesús Alberto Nolasco Herrera is a very small producer full of passion for coffee. Since the beginning of partnering with the Santuario Project in Mexico, he has always performed and consistently delivered high quality coffees.

This coffee by Jesús was processed in Santuario's specialty coffee mill in Ixhuatlán. With its sweet fruit flavors, this coffee represents the essence of coffees from Ixhuatlán.  Map

The project is a collaboration with Camilo Merizalde, the pioneering Colombian behind the Santuario project, plus the Santuario fermentation expert, Ivan Solis, from Costa Rica using an anaerobic fermentation procedure.

This is our third Santuario offering, the pioneer, Camilo Merizalde is also featured below in our Costa Rica Tarrazu and Brazil Santuario Sul micro-lots.

Cupping notes: Juicy red berries and dark plum are perfectly balanced with a bittersweet chocolate backbone and an uplifting citric vibrancy.

Limited bags available in Montreal

santuario sul bag carmo.jpg
Sanuario Sul Brazil.jpg
BRAZIL SANTUARIO SUL                                         
Farm : Santuário Sul
Farmer : Luiz Paulo Pereira
Variety : Red Bourbon
Process : Yellow Honey
Region : Carmo de Minas
Altitude (masl) : 1250m


The project, which began almost five years ago, is a collaboration with Camilo Merizalde, the pioneering Colombian behind the Santuario project, plus the Santuario fermentation expert, Ivan Solis, from Costa Rica using an anaerobic fermentation procedure.

Fazenda Santuário Sul is a project born from the objective of being at the vanguard of new market trends. It is not simple to begin a plan thinking of bringing coffees from different regions of the world to create a new profile of Brazilian coffee. The coffees grown here are reflections of the obstinacy of Luiz Paulo and his partners. Today, in addition to traditional Brazilian varieties, like Yellow Bourbon, the farm has more than 30 exotic varieties of coffee, differentiated growing practices, such as shaded fields, and innovative processes (New Flavors). Santuário Sul is located next to one of the most traditional farms in Carmo de Minas, Irmãs Pereira, where its coffee is processed. With great care, the varieties planted are closely monitored to provide the best results from the climatic conditions of the region. In addition, Luiz Paulo himself insists on cupping the first samples of each of these coffees. For the next few years, Luiz Paulo has no doubt “the goal is to lead the vanguard of the market and offer ever more quality!”

This is our second Santuario offering, the pioneer, Camilo Merizalde is also featured below in our Costa Rica Tarrazu micro-lots.

Cupping notes: orange zest, pear, apple, lemon ice tea, white wine, sweet tropical fruit finish 

Limited bags available in Vancouver 

Ethiopia Gedeo Zone, Yirgacheffe KOKE (pronounced Ko-Kay)
Gr 2
Elevation 2000-2300M
Varietal: Heirloom Yirgacheffe type
Fully washed, sun dried on raised beds &  hand sorted

The Yirgacheffe region is known for unique flavor profiles, but coffee from the Koke washing station is extra special. Koke is a small district in the Yirgacheffe region with elevations as high as 2300M, allowing for concentrated sweetness and complex flavours.  Koke lots are highly sought after by the Japanese and Korean coffee community with limited bags making it to North America, we are very excited to have this lot back at our warehouse.


If you're a micro-roaster who wishes to be recognized for having a lot that is unique, rare and competition ready, book a few bags before its gone.


Cupping with pleasing acidity, great sweetness, honey, black Earl Grey tea, juicy body finishing with Jasmine and Meyer lemon notes.  As it cools sweet lemon iced tea comes out.

86.5 Points   


New crop available in Montreal

Ethiopia Natural process.jpg
dry process beds.jpg
Ethiopia Gedeo Yirgacheffe Kochere G1 - Natural
Elevation: 1900-2100M
Varietal: Heirloom Yirgacheffe type
Natural process, sun dried on raised beds & hand sorted

Kochere is one of the best growing regions in the Yirgacheffe region and highly sought after as a single origin feature. 


The coffee-growing region of Yirgacheffe is small but fertile, producing some of the world’s most well-known beans.

We love Yirgacheffe naturals for their clean sweet cup, well defined fruit notes and excellent tea like aftertaste.


Cupping notes: very sweet, bright blueberry, stone fruit, chocolate, bergamot.


Ethiopia container arriving soon

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Koke Natural Gr3 2000 - 2300M           
Varietal:  Heirloom Yirgacheffe type
Dry processed, sun dried on raised beds & hand sorted


This year we are so excited to have a Gr3 Natural from our favourite Koke region.

This coffee works great as a clean addition to your drip or espresso blend to add in some excellent berry & chocolate notes.  This Gr3 can act as a stand alone pour over or cold brew feature too. 


It's important to understand Ethiopian natural grading: top grade is a Gr 1, then next is a Gr 3 then a Gr 4.  There is no Gr2 as that is reserved for a washed Ethiopia.  Thus a Gr 3 natural is technically equivalent to a Gr2 but it's a natural lot


Light acidity, juicy body, blueberry, winey citrus/orange with a chocolate finish. 


Ethiopia container arriving soon

Ethiopia natural drying bed
Ethiopia Sidama Natural Gr3 1800 - 1900M           
Varietal:  Heirloom Sidama type
Dry processed, sun dried on raised beds & hand sorted


This coffee works great as a clean addition to your drip or espresso blend to add in some excellent berry & chocolate notes.  This Gr3 can act as a stand alone pour over or cold brew feature too.

It's important to understand Ethiopian natural grading: top grade is a Gr 1, then next is a Gr 3 then a Gr 4.  There is no Gr2 as that is reserved for a washed Ethiopia.  Thus a Gr 3 natural is technically equivalent to a Gr2 but it's a natural lot


Light acidity, chocolate and raspberry, with a sweet lemon finish. 


New Crop available - Vancouver

Oromia washed drying
Ethiopian washed
Ethiopia Sidama Guji G2, Chire Aroresa 1800-2000M
Varietal: Heirloom Sidama type
Fully washed, sun dried on raised beds & hand sorted

Thousands of small farmers live in this area, growing coffee at high altitudes where the Rift Valley meets the Bale Mountains. Farms range in size from 1 to 20 hectares, and banana and mango trees grow alongside coffee trees, imparting their fruity flavors into the soil. For hundreds of years, people here have governed by the Gadaa system, an indigenous democratic process of electing a leader and local representatives.

The area is rich in history – and rich in coffee. Producers bring their ripe harvests to central washing stations, where the cherries are pulped and washed with mountain spring water the same day. The pulped coffee goes into a fermentation tank for 72 hours, then is washed, spread, and sun-dried for up to 2 weeks on raised beds. The people of the Guji region take pride in the high quality of this sweet, clean coffee.


Cupping notes: peach, cocoa, lemon drop & black tea with a pleasing acidity & body. 83 Points    


IN STOCK - MONTREAL - excellent value 2018 Crop

Eth wash 3.JPG
Ethiopia Sidama G2
Elevation: 1850-2000M
Varietal: Heirloom Sidama type
Fully washed, sun dried on raised beds & hand sorted

Ethiopia Guji washed is sourced from family-owned farms organized within the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. 

This is a versatile and classic Sidama lot that is clean with good clarity and depth.  

Cupping notes: Sweet cup, brown sugar, cocoa nibs with a lemon tea finish. 85 Points    



Brazil Pocos de Caldas, Minas Gerais
natural -  1100-1300M
Varietals:  Yellow Bourbon, Catuai & Catucai

This is a higher elevation Brazil with excellent flavour notes.  These farms use a variety of equipment for processing from simple machinery to very modern methods of harvesting, sorting and pulping. The farms all implement African drying beds, green houses and mechanical dryers for consistency and proper drying.

Cupping results of caramel, apple & citrus in a very clean, sweet cup.


Brazil Cerrado Mineiro natural - Yellow Diamond 800-1250M

What makes the Yellow Diamond stand out is it's sweetness, due to cultivating Yellow Catuai, Bourbon, Icatu and other yellow cultivars that absorb less sunlight.  This allows the cherries to ripen slower and develop a more intense sweetness.


Perfectly balanced with juicy body, pleasing acidity and a butterscotch finish.  If you're looking for a base to  to make your espresso sweeter and stand out, this is a great choice.



Brazil Cerrado natural - Black Diamond 800-1100M

Proven to be a versatile and high quality Cerrado for espresso bases.  This lot is blended to cup consistently year in and year out.


It's well balanced, sweet cup mild acidity with brown sugar and hazelnut notes.  This is an outstanding value for all it has to offer this year.



Huila R86.jpg
Colombia Huila Excelso 
Elevation: 1500M
Varietal: Castillo & Caturra
Process: Washed & sun dried on raised beds
Bag size: 70kg bags
New Crop arrival 2020

This Colombia from the famous Huila is super clean and an excellent value price coffee that can fit many roaster needs.  The most important element to this coffee is it is fresh, clean and very versatile for different roast levels.

Super sweet cup with a creamy body, balanced acidity, caramel notes and well rounded cup.


Colombia Popayán Cauca Excelso  1700M
Varietal: Caturra, Typica, Bourbon

Popayán itself rests at an elevation of roughly 1,700M, where its mild tropical climate provides just the right amount of heat, humidity and rainfall to make it a perfect location for cultivating coffee, sugarcane and a number of other cash crops. These conditions combined with a wide availability of volcanic soil enable coffee farmers to produce year round, delivering a main crop and a mitaca or a mid-season second crop.

Rich and balanced flavor. Sweet acidity with nice red fruit / plum and some slight lemony citrus notes.  84 points

IN STOCK - VANCOUVER - Great Value - Great Coffee

Costa Rica pickers 2.jpg
Costa Rica Tarrazu
Costa Rica Tarrazu SHB - 1500M       
Varietals: Caturra & Catuai                       
Process: Washed
Drying: Patio & Mechanical


A classic Costa Rican Tarrazu. This coffee is known for it's super clean cup, due to the strict policy of only picking ripe cherries.  This coffee is patio dried initially then finished in mechanical dryers for the perfect moisture content.

This lot is a collection from small farmers South of San Jose in the Tarrazu defined region.

Bright lively acidity, juicy body, nice sweetness, cocoa, caramel and dark plum finish.




La Providencia.png
Guat growing regions.jpg
Huehuetenango La Providencia Estate SHB GP  
1500M plus
741 acre farm
Varietals: mainly Caturra & Bourbon with addition of Mundo Nuevo & Catuai
Sun dried on patio and raised bed


This specialty estate located in the mountains of Yulmuc Ixmal and has been owned by the Palacios family since 1950, currently owned by Ariel Palacios.  This estate is famous for producing award winning lots.

Super sweet, zesty acidity, well balanced chocolate, melon, peach finishing with a lime note.  This year an outstanding cupping score of 87 points.

New crop available in Montreal

Guat Huehue sign.jpg
Guat growing regions.jpg
Guatemala Huehuetenango  SHB GP  
Varietals:  Caturra & Bourbon & Catuai
Fully Washed
Sun dried on patio and raised bed


Grown in the Northern region bording the Yucatan Peninsula.  It's a favourite for coffee ofiandos with it's brighter profile, complex flavours and juicy body in a very clean cup.

Cupping notes:  Sweet, ripe pear and cocoa with a chewy body and sparkling acidity 


Kenya Coffee
Kenya coffee farm ROOT 86
Kenya AB Plus
Varietal:  SL-28 
Double washed & sun dried on raised beds & hand sorted


This coffee lot is the kind of Kenya we look for, with rare bright fruit notes and an excellent finish.  This year Kenyas have had very high market differentials making them very expensive, but we're happy to secure this lot that cups very high and priced well.


Cups like: Blackberry & grapefruit, rosemary, heavy, sweet acidity, juicy body with a red wine finish. 

AVAILABLE in Vancouver

AVAILABLE in Montreal

Are you looking for a special coffee you can't find?
Let us search & import for you and bring in your special offering.
Rwanda Meuhororo
Rwanda Meuhororo
Kenya Gicherori AB Top Lot
Varietal:  SL 28 & 34
Double washed & sun dried on raised beds & hand sorted


Meticulous processing at Gicherori Factory ensures the lots are precise in their flavors, and the Cooperative embraces transparency in their operations by keeping lots separate and paying bonuses to members for high-quality lots.


Cups like: Bright distinctive acidity with heavy body that oozes floral aroma and red berry notes, juicy body with a red wine finish.  Makes for an outstanding single origin espresso.

AVAILABLE in Montreal

Munali Zambia 1.jpg
Zambia Mazabuka, Mubuyu Estate      3 different lots
Munali Pass  map
Varietal: SL28 (Kenya cultivar)
washed and pulp natural
sun dried on raised beds & hand sorted


Mubuyu Farm was founded in 1971 by Willem Lublinkhof, who came to Zambia from the Netherlands as a Dutch Development worker.

Munali coffee is grown at an altitude of 1,200 meters on a 60 hectare plantation. The farm consists of 1,800 total hectares, growing wheat and soy where it is milled on site and sold into the local market.

Mubuyu Farm has a school and clinic for farm workers and their families, employing a total of 420 workers.

These Zambia lots are perfect as an exotic pour-over feature or an addition to a blend without breaking the bank.  These can add some depth to your espresso or excellent as a cold brew feature.


Washed AB lot :  brown sugar, lime, chai & med acidity - SOLD OUT

Pulp natural AB lot: lemon candy, jasmine,rose, juicy thick body, sweet acidity  -  AVAILABLE IN MONTREAL

Peaberry lot: creamy body, pleasing acidity, mandarin, ripe pear, black tea -  Available IN MONTREAL - limited bags available

Zambia Kateshi Estate RFA       OUTSTANDING FLAVOUR
Mafinga Hills Region  map
Varietal: Catimor 
Natural & sun dried on raised beds & hand sorted


The Mafinga Hills in Zambia’s Northern Province are home to the country’s highest peaks, where altitude and ancient volcanic soils help produce this RFA certified coffee.  It's a natural process bring out very distinctive tropical fruit flavours in the cup.

This coffee can take a variety of roast levels including espresso with a complex flavour profile, high crema and great acidity level.  Unbelievable for a coldbrew.


Cups like:  pleasing winey acidity, juicy body with excellent defined tropical fruit notes of cherry, watermelon and lingering wine gum candy aftertaste. 

OUTSTANDING NATURAL LOT - Available in Vancouver & Montreal.

Organic Brazil Camocim, Espirito Santo
Natural, sun dried on patio 
Varietals: Yellow & Red Bourbons, Catuai & others


Taste and aroma, smooth and sweet, full body with notes of ripe citrus fruits and balanced acidity.  The harvest is all made by hand by our team, respecting the cycles of nature.

The coffees cultivar are 100% Arabica, with the following varieties: Iapar 59; Catuaí 44; Caturra Red, Catucaí; Catucaí-Açu, Yellow Bourbon, Caturra Yellow.


This showcases flavours of butterscotch, hazelnuts, light red fruit in a well balanced sweet cup.  



Sipi Falls Mount Elgon Uganda
Uganda Sipi Falls Coffee
Organic Uganda, Kapchorwa, Sipi Falls
Varietal: SL 14 & 28
Extra washed & sun dried on raised beds & hand sorted


This lot is a SL14 & 28 lot (Kenyan cultivars) from the Eastern region of Uganda bordering Kenya. Ugandan coffee quality has improved greatly over the past few years treating us to cleaner fruit notes and cocoa aromas.  



Well balanced, pleasing acidity, citrus tea, toffee and chocolate finish.   

New Crop In Stock - Vancouver

Organic Colombia Tolima Planadas
Dedicated high-elevation lot 1600-1900M
Washed, sun dried on raised beds & patios & extra hand sorting
Varietals: Primarily Typica & Caturra

This is an exciting Organic coffee from ASEMPROGROPE Cooperative of small producers in the mountains of Planadas, a small municipality of the Tolima region in Colombia.  ASEMPROGROPE is a small producer association started in 2004 which currently includes 23 male and 9 female members. Varieties harvested include Caturra, Castillo, and Colombia and altitude ranges from 1650 - 2100 masl.

This lot is a dedicated high elevation lot that only includes farms from 1600M or higher. Tolima is located in the SouthWest of Colombia bordering the famous Huila region.  Map

This lot cups at 87 points and showcases: raspberry, peach, apple, bright, juicy, nice sweetness & body.

FRESH NEW CROP Nov 2019 arrival available in Vancouver and Montreal

Col Toima Farmer.jpeg
Ethiopia Guji Shakiso G1 - Kayon Mountain Estate
1900 - 2100M
Process:  Natural
Varietal:  Different Heirloom Types
Dry processed on raised beds & special hand sorting


The Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm was established in 2012 with the aim of producing top quality coffee in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. The farm is situated in the southern part of Ethiopia in the Oromia region, Guji Zone which is about 320 miles from the capital city, Addis Ababa. The farm is privately owned by Ato Esmael and his family.


Natural: It's big berry cup with wild blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, chocolate & bergamot, delightfully clean cup with a jammy body.   88 points

Sold Out til new crop arrives.

lake atitlan guatemala ant painting.jpg
Guatemala Atitlan mill worker.jpg
Organic Guatemala Atitlan Chochajau - 1600M    ORGANIC
Fully washed, sun dried on patio 
Varietals: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai & Typica
Custom sorting for ROOT 86


This coffee was cultivated near Lake Atitlan in Guatemala's highlands. This lot came from Cerro Lancandon Chochajau, a farm operation that cultivates over 33 hectares with 27 producers contributing to the farm.

The lake is surrounded by 12 indigenous villages, inhabited by predominantly Kakchiquel and Tz’utujil.  Traditional clothing is worn in the villages around the lake.

Its location at 1,600 Meters above sea level and proximity to the equator provides a year-round, spring-like climate.  It is often called the “Land of Eternal Spring” for its exceptional weather.

There are 22 distinctive linguistic groups, not dialects but completely different languages that are spoken around the lake.

We have worked with the COOP to arrange a special preparation for ROOT 86 to reduce bean defects by 40%, by implementing an intense sorting protocol.  This provides more clarity in the cup with more pronounced flavours and longer shelf life.


Cupping notes: pleasing acidity and excellent sweet lemon iced tea, and lasting milk chocolate finish.   





cafico Honduras 3.jpg
cafico Honduras 2.jpg
Organic Honduras SHG Corquín, Copan   ORGANIC 
1400 - 1700M
Fully Washed, sun dried on patio and mechanical drier 
Varietals:  Catuai, Typica & Bourbon


Through CAFICO, many farmer families have been able to obtain higher yields from their farms through education and sustainable growing pratices.  This has provided more coffee per acre and a higher price due to improved quality, better environmental practices and the proper respect for social and human rights.

In the cup you will find a nice sweetness, lighter acidity than other Centrals with flavour of cocoa, caramel & citrus.  This can be a stand out base for your espresso to provide an intense sweetness without the acidity and the higher price of other Centrals.



Organic RFA Indonesia Flores - Green Dragon 
Manggarai Region - 1500M
Wet hulled & hand sorted
Varietals: Typica, Tim Tim, Linie S 795 (aka: Djember)

Flores is located in the Eastern Sunda Island archipelago in the province of Nusa Tengarra,
Indonesia.  On the west coast of the island is one of the few places where giant Komodo Dragons can still be found in the wild.

Our Flores “Green Dragon” is grown near the steep slopes of Gunung (Mt.) Ranaka, 2,358 meters at its peak.

This Organic Indonesian is a sustainable coffee certified by the Rain Forest Alliance.  The Flores coffee is a beautiful wet hulled coffee which is sorted and processed with great care.

It is a much cleaner coffee than many of the Sumatras with a large bean size.  


A big body, low acidity with milk chocolate, pipe tobacco finishing with a spicy and citrus.  


Organic Indonesia Sumatra Mandehling G1    ORGANIC
Region: Gayo of Western Aceh
Wet hulled & hand sorted 
Varietals: Catimor, Bergendal, Ateng


Not all Sumatras are created equal, this lot proves that point with great quality and a long standing Organic certification which is supported by women farmers throughout the Aceh region.

Cupping with a juicy body, lemon/lime, cacao, clean, pipe tabacco and long finish. 


Organic Nicaragua Jinotega                       ORGANIC
SHG 1400M
Varietals: Caturra, Catuai, Catimor, Bourbon
Fully washed, sun dried on patio & electronic eye sorting

If you aren't familiar with Nicaraguan coffee, they offer a clean cup, softer acidity over Costas and Guats & makes a great addition to your espresso. Priced well making it a great value coffee.  MAP


You'll find in the cup, winey acidity, cocao, with a citrus finish, very clean cup. 


FT Organic Peru Rodriguez de Mendoza, Amazonas
100% Women producer lot
SHG 1500 - 1800M
Varietals: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Catimor
Fully washed, sun dried on patio 

APROCCURMA COOP works with family-owned farms in the province of Rodrigues de Mendoza, in Peru's Amazonia region, each producer cultivates an average of 2.5 hectares, intercropped with a variety of crops. The women proudly own their own land and farm according to Organic practices.



This lot is a big surprise of flavour with lots of layers, mandarin, mango and chocolate and with a good body & pleasing acidity, making a very balance cup.



Finca Churupampa.jpg
FT Organic Peru San Ignacio, Cajamaca, Chirinos
SHG 1400 - 1800M
Varietals: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra
Fully washed, sun dried on patio 

Finca Churupampa COOP, in the Chirrinos, San Ignacio region of Northern Peru, was started in 2011 as a family farm. It has since grown to 162 producing members, including families from the districts of Chirinos, Coipa and Tabaconas. 


Churupampa offers various benefits to coffee families. They are focusing on quality varietals, have started using organic fertilizers/micro-organisms, and also serve as a sustainable agro-business for self-consumption based on mutual commitment and trust, product quality and environmental care.


This lot is fresh with crisp apple, cherry, fruity and juicy with a round body & winey acidity.



Rwanda TOP lot Abakundakawa Washing Station - MAP
1800 - 2000M 
Fully Washed                                           FT ORGANIC
Varietals: 100% Bourbon

Abakundakawa cooperative farmers hand-pick ripe cherries on the volcanic slopes of Rwanda’s mountainous Gakenke district. The area’s distinct micro-climate, high elevation and rich volcanic soils contribute to producing coffee with balanced sweet, floral, and fruit-forward notes in the cup. Abakundakawa has grown rapidly, adding a second washing station and expanding its membership from 180 to nearly 2,000 coffee growers since its founding in 2004.

Abkundakawa has two prominent women's associations, Duhingekawa and Abanyameraka, demonstrating the co-op's focus on improving the livelihoods of women in their community. 


In the cup:  A very sweet cup, big chocolate presence with tropical fruit and pleasing acidity of cola.

Perfect as a cold brew feature.


SWP Organic Cascadia Blend Decaf
A premuim espresso blend of high density beans for a variety of espresso roast levels.  A rich blend of Central and South American, and Indonesian origins, making for a clean, sweet, balanced cup.


We stock many Swiss Water Decaf coffees, please contact us if your looking for a specific decaf.  We also stock half bag lots (66 lbs) for your micro-roaster needs.

Water Process Organic Mexico Decaf (MWP)
An excellent decaf produced by Descamex in Mexico, which does a great job preserving the coffee flavour we know from regular caffeinated coffees.

 IN STOCK - VANCOUVER - Fresh lot - Value Pricing


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