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Honduras Copan SHG Tierra Lenca - ORGANIC

Organic Honduras Copan SHG
Tierra Lenca Women's COOP ORGANIC
1400 - 1500M
Fully Washed, sun dried on raised beds & patios
Varietals: Catuai, Typica & Bourbon

The Lenca are the largest indigenous group in Honduras, there are an estimated 100,000 Lenca in the country, with their activity primarily focused on the cultivation of agricultural crops. ROOT 86 is working with the COOP to assist in milling procedures at their new processing mill to increase quality and shelf life of the green coffee.

Cupping notes: sweet, clean, winey, blackberry, chocolate, buttery cookie.

Think of using this as a base for your Organic espresso to provide an intense sweetness without the acidity and the higher price of other Centrals.

Available In, In Transit Vancouver

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