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Indonesia Flores RFA ORGANIC

Organic RFA Indonesia Flores - Blue Dragon
Ngada Region - 1500-1700M
Wet hulled & hand sorted
Varietals: Typica, Tim Tim, Linie S 795 (aka: Djember)

Flores is located in the Eastern Sunda Island archipelago in the province of Nusa Tengarra,
Indonesia. On the west coast of the island is one of the few places where giant Komodo Dragons can still be found in the wild.

On the upland plateau of the Ngada regency, nestled against the Mt. Inerie volcano, our “Blue Dragon” coffee is harvested and processed in the town of Bajawa and plays a very important part in the local economy.

The Flores coffee is a beautiful wet hulled coffee which is sorted and processed with great care.

It is a much cleaner coffee than many of the Sumatras with a large bean size.

A big body, low acidity with milk chocolate, cherry, pipe tobacco finishing with a spicy and citrus.

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