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Our Team.

Started together with Kimber & myself, John Nishiyama.  I am the son of a farmer and was born and raised on the West Coast of Canada.


I’ve been in the coffee farming and green business for over 28 years.  I was in Costa Rica developing large scale agricultural projects and one of the jewels of my work was a 65 hectare (160 acre) coffee farm in the now famous West Valley town of Llano Bonito. Today the farm is producing award winning coffee that showcase in the Cup of Excellence. I’ve cupped and roasted coffee Internationally, connecting with farmers, COOPs, exporters and importing companies.  I love the world of coffee and working with new roasters getting started in the business and experienced ones allowing our partnerships to grow.

Kimber is the other half of ROOT 86 in charge of logistics, inventory control and administration. Kimber has one of the best noses in the business and is crucial in the grading and coffee selection process. She is the best at planning out future coffee purchases and managing the importation of this great commodity that we all love.

About Us


ROOT 86 strongly supports the hard work of farmers through direct trade and by working through organizations that have quantifiable programs to assist the farming communities and help create sustainable commerce.


ROOT 86 provides the best service and top grade coffee lots available in Canada, proudly supporting the micro-roaster community.

Our Services


​- Green Coffee Consulting

- Solutions for micro-roasters

- Discovering unique coffees

- Cupping for Quality Control

- Education: Farm to Cup

- Roasting Equipment Sourcing



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