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Peru El Gran Mirador, Women Production, ORGANIC

ROOT 86 Favourite!!

The El Gran Mirador COOP Women's producer coffee story - M'Coffee

Region: Distrito de Chirinos, Provincia San Ignacio, Cajamarca.
Producers: small women holders.
Farms size: 2-5 hectares
Process: fully washed 
Grade: grade 1 - special ROOT 86 sorting
Altitude: 1,500- 1,800 masl
Varieties: caturra, catuai, typica, bourbon & geisha
Harvest: May- November
Certifications: Organic, Rainforest Alliance,
Fairtrade (certification in process).

M’Coffee emerged in 2020, with the idea of creating a brand of coffee that supports Women producers and creates a sustainable income for their families.

They fought against gender inequality that reduces their access to education, health, property, and to obtain the same opportunities as men to develop and enhance their physical, economic and decision-making autonomy.
The mission is to Empower women in the Coffee Community so that they achieve a meaningful and sustainable life.
The 56 women have 43 plots certified with organic seals and Rainforest producing an estimated volume of 1,950 quintals of coffee certified parchment. In this way they are achieving the dignity of their work in the field.
Women provide more inclusive, more community-based leadership that seeks to share knowledge and where there is an inclusive competition in which everyone can win.
The production process is carried out by women coffee growers from the areas of Chirinos, San Ignacio and San José de Lourdes with plots that are located one altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, they conduct all activities from planting until commercialization, allowing them to receive financial compensation for their work, in addition to participating in the development of the organization.
Through this initiative they have gained recognition, spaces in decision-making and a better quality of life for their families.
M'Coffee is an aromatic mountain coffee, carefully cultivated under the shade of trees in the towns of Chirinos, San Ignacio and San José de Lourdes, thus guaranteeing to be free of chemical fertilizers throughout its crop. They are producing specialty grade coffee aimed at the most demanding palates. 

This lot is a big surprise of flavour with lots of layers, clean, sweet, winey, juicy, dark chocolate, red berry and juicy body.

Available In, Vancouver, Parksville, Quebec

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