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Costa Rica Villa Triunfo H1 Natural

Hectares: 20
Coffee hectares: 18
Forest hectares: 1
Main varietal: H1 Centroamericano

Located at 1600 meters above sea level, Villa Triunfo is a magical place
for the growth of coffee. The region is a nice fresh area withhigh biodiversity and excellent views of the central valley, Costa Rica's capital.

The farm was originally
focused on dairy production, but the owner converted 2 Ha of the farm into coffee production and had great results. After expanding the farm coffee area, he used hybrids due to disease resistance, high productivity and excellent coffee quality.

Since the renovation with the new varieties took place, most of the farm production was delivered for microlot production especially naturals.
This year's lot is mega jammy, sweet, raspberry, cherry, juicy, tropical fruit and lingering finish.

Available In, Vancouver, Parksville, Quebec

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