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Diedrich IR-12 Cacao Roasting System

Excellent Value !



  • 12kg / 26 lb capacity

  • max BTU/hr (kW) 45,000 BTU/hr / 10.3 kW

  • reported that the build has a smaller burner than IR12 coffee roasters (90,000 BTU) but should be verified by the buyer with Diedrich

  • purchased in 2018

  • ducting available but not suitable for coffee roasting temperatures

  • only used for 2 years 

  • it can be set up for propane or natural gas

  • can be shipped anywhere in Canada

  • available for shipping from Eastern Canada


Message us for pricing, text or call: 1-855-908-0086 


price and payments subject to change at anytime​

Toper 5kg Nat Gas Coffee Roaster

Available Now

9 years old with very light use

Regularly maintained and serviced

Chaff cyclone

CSA approved at install

Safety guard over cooling bin for use in a public venue

1 available in Vancouver, Canada

Call or email for pricing: 1.604.649.0361

15 kg Victory Roaster with afterburner

Excellent Value !



  • 15kg / 33 lb capacity

  • Roast profiling software by Roaster Authority

  • Only used for 1.5 years and stored since 2008

  • it can be set up for propane or natural gas

  • both drum bearings will be replace upon delivery

  • must be certified at new site install (can be facilitated)

  • can be shipped anywhere in Canada

  • financing available through Steven Robb OAC

  • 5 yr lease available $685/month OAC 

price and payments subject to change at anytime​


Message us for pricing, text or call: 1-855-908-0086 


Probat UG 15 Coffee Roaster

  • Orginal build date: 1955

  • Re-build date: 2009 by Giesen Coffee Roaster, Netherlands

  • Built to spec for an award winning Canadian coffee roaster

  • Ultra-rare UG 15, once in a lifetime find with modern updates


Main electrical: 208VAC/60Hz/3Ph/6.8Amps. Compatible with USA.


Control electrical: 115VAC/60Hz/1Ph/3Amps. Compatible with USA.


System integration: Single motor system with v-belt to drive shaft for drum and flat-belts for hot air exhaust and cooling fans.  


Recommended Input Gas Pressure: 10-11 inches H2O (25-27 mbar). Compatible with USA.


Roaster Power: 280,000 btu/h

Burner Type: 14 x original ceramic-top Venturi burners with 0.05” orifices (for natural gas, easy to swap in propane orifices though)


Message ROOT 86 for pricing

text or call: 1.604.649.0361 


Equipment Financing Available
Contact Steven Robb from Solay Leasing for all financing options for roasters and other cafe equipment.

Petroncini 7 kg Coffee Roaster​    SOLD

  • 7kg / 14 lb capacity

  • natural gas (can be converted to propane - additional cost)

  • factory setup, with extra thermalcouples

  • meticulously cleaned and serviced over the years

  • refurbish work completed Sept 2018

  • available in Western Canada

  • financing available through Steven Robb OAC

Message us for pricing, text or call: 1.604.649.0361 


35 KG Petroncini

Good Used Condition

Calssic Italian coffee roaster, includes the roaster and green loader.


  • High volume half bagger

  • Priced well, good value

  • Natural Gas

Decommissioned, ready to ship.



Electrostatic precipitator 

MistBuster® 850 – Next Generation

Effective at removing smoke particles from your exhaust air from roasting coffee.



MistBuster is the best value for a compact, energy efficient, reliable mist collection solution.

  • High efficiency air filtration through the use of industrial grade electronic cells designed for low static pressure with ultimate efficiency up to 97.8% on all submicron particles, as measured by an independent lab test in accordance with ASHRAE standard 52.2 at 500 CFM.

  • Reliable operation based on in-depth knowledge of air filtration design, all electrical components are in a sealed compartment, isolated from the air stream and added to our patented AQE Advantage cell to reduce maintenance.

  • Versatile design through a patented coolant selector switch, the MistBuster electronic line of air cleaners can handle the electronic requirements of water based or oil based coolant collection that cause other air cleaners to fail.

  • Ease of installation through direct machine mount, ceiling mount, wall mount, or floor mount via a pedestal stand.

  • Comprehensive solutions for a wide range of machining operations designed for single to multiple machine tool applications using electronic precipitation and for applications requiring it – media and odor control based systems.

  • Compact, energy efficient design drawing as little as 1 amp under full load, and as small in size as a household microwave.

Probat UG22 Coffee Roaster, pre 1958

Regularly maintained, fully operational with new probes & Cropster data logging.

spare belts, spare motor, cooling tray screen,  maintenance records​, destoner, chaff collector also available

Can be purchased with a destoner, chaff collector and an electrostatic precipitator.

Roaster has been dismantled and put into a 20' shipping container in British Columbia, Canada.

US$48,000 + tax & shipping​, includes: UG22, chaff collector, spare parts (including extra cooling screen), destoner & 20' shipping container.

US$40,000 + tax & shipping, includes only the UG22 roaster & chaff collector.


Diedrich IR12 Fully Automated SOLD

Like new condition with only 684 hours of operation.  Crated and ready to ship.


Purchased in May of 2014, with only 684 hours of use.  Equipped with data logging & profiling software for accurate roast duplication at the touch of a button.

  • Natural Gas, 90,000 BTU but average usage is estimated at 40.000 BTU

  • 120 volt power

  • Red Lion touch screen system

  • It has CSA & ETL tags

  • Crated and ready to ship from Western Canada

  • Includes $5,000 of insulated A vent piping for safe exhausting

  • 79" H x 67" D x 42" W crate size and estimated 1400 pounds shipping weight


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