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Peru Rodriguez de Mendoza, Amazonas FT, Aprocurma, ORGANIC

FT Organic Peru Rodriguez de Mendoza, Amazonas
100% Women producer lot
SHG 1500 - 1800M
Varietals: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Catimor
Fully washed, sun dried on patio
ROOT 86 Special Sorting Protocol - extra sort with a fewer defect count, better than EP.

APROCCURMA COOP works with family-owned farms in the province of Rodrigues de Mendoza, in Peru's Amazonia region, each producer cultivates an average of 2.5 hectares, intercropped with a variety of crops. The women proudly own their own land and farm according to Organic practices.

This lot is a big surprise of flavour with lots of layers, sweet, floral, sparkling acidity and juicy body, lemon/lime soda, apple, honey dew, as you extend the roast excellent dark chocolate notes develop with a creamy body. This years coffee is just outstanding.

Available In, Vancouver, Parksville

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