Honduras Copan SHG
La Capucas Organic, Women's COOP.

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Organic Honduras Copan SHG
La Capucas - Women's COOP ORGANIC
1400 - 1500M
Fully Washed, sun dried on raised beds & patios
Varietals: Catuai, Typica & Bourbon

Capucas quality control team is run mainly by women and headed by farmer and Q Grader Iris Alvarado (left). Iris is also one of founding members of a group of female growers that roasts and sells their coffee in Tegucigalpa and San Salvador. One of two daughters in a male-dominated family, Iris managed to prove to her father and brothers that women can be great farmers and produce outstanding coffee.

Cupping notes: sweet, clean, caramel, cacao, yellow plum, big body well balanced

Think of using this as a base for your Organic espresso to provide an intense sweetness without the acidity and the higher price of other Centrals.

Available In, Vancouver, Parksville