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Costa Rica Brunca COOPE AGRI

Costa Rica Brunca COOPE AGRI
Aboriginal supported coffee lot

Location note: The Brunca region of Costa Rica is in the Southern Puntarenas region bordering the
Panama border. This region is much more of a rainforest climate, which changes the
characteristics of the classic Costa Rican cup. The area is also home to one of the original
aboriginal groups in Costa Rica and the producer of this unique coffee lot. Costa Rica’s tallest
mountain is found in this mountain range. The humid, tropical climate of the Brunca region gives
coffees a complex citrus flavor ranging from very mild to incredibly sweet.

Grade: Washed SHB EP
Harvest Season: 2021/22
Bag Type: Grainpro/Ecotact
Plant Species: Arabica
Variety: Caturra, Catuai
Processing: fully washed
Drying: patio and solar tents
Region: Brunca, Perez Zeledon
Farm Name: COOPE AGRI, small farmer COOP
Growing Altitude: 1300-1500m
Soil: Volcanic

Cupping notes: sweet, floral aroma, lighter acidity, creamy body, chocolate, caramel, apricot finish.

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