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Brazil Sitio do Campo, Carmo de Minas, Yellow Bourbon

Brazil, Sitio do Campo - 900-1100M
pulp natural (light honey process) and dried on patios and mechanical driers
Varietals: Yellow Bourbon

Sitio do Campo is owned by Rafael Dias Pereira, a fourth generation coffee farmer.

Situated in the area of Mantiqueira de Minas, Sitio do Campo is over 168 hectares in total, but currently is producing coffee on 68 hectares. The majority of the farm is planted with the yellow bourbon variety, and each year Rafael Dias Pereira and his team work on the right ripeness levels to pick the coffee and the right process and drying techniques to improve their quality. In 2020, Sitio do Campo placed in the Cup of Excellence with a cup score over 87 points, showcasing just how good their yellow bourbon coffee can be.

Cupping: sweet, nutty, balanced, white grape, creamy, long finish and light pulp

Available In, Quebec

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